Head of Technology – Digiexam

Digiexam is a Swedish SaaS and EdTech innovator company, founded in 2011. The company offers an exam platform that schools, universities and educators utilises to create, schedule, distribute, grade and publish high-stakes exams and academic tests. The idea originates from the time when the two founders were studying at the Stockholm School of Economics, taking exams with pen and paper. Back then, no school or university carried out exams digitally and that was the starting point for their innovative new product. With the student perspective as background and with a huge market potential, a successful EdTech company took form.

Today, Digiexam is a continuously growing exam platform that proudly helps and supports over +400 leading universities, schools, and institutions to do high-stakes testing and exams, on-campus and remote. Since start, over 9 million exams have been handed in from more than 1,000 educational institutions worldwide. Together with their customers they are shaping the future of learning and exams with the joint objective of enhancing student success, operational efficiency and academic excellence.

Digiexam is now looking for a Head of Technology to join their team. The main responsibility of being the Head of Technology at Digiexam is motivating, encouraging, and leading the development team. Other tasks include implementing a high performing culture, taking the platform to the next level and continuous development of the company culture.

Experience & Competence

  • Broad technical competence and experience from agile development environments, including Scrum
  • Experience in setting data structure, processes, frameworks, run tech teams and drive stability
  • Experience from and ability of SW development, including Frontend and Backend technologies, GoLang is a plus
  • Balance in leadership and strategy vs. developer and sprints competence
  • Experience from B2B SaaS/PaaS or Cloud Services. EdTech is a plus
  • Experience and insights of working in smaller environments
  • Experience of companies with their own product platform
  • Experience of having led teams and handled strategic questions
  • Proven track record of being systematic and structured
  • Fluency in English and preferably in Swedish
  • Relevant university degree is a merit

Personality & Leadership

  • Action oriented ”doer” who is available to colleagues with a “door is always open” attitude
  • Ability to lead, motivate and develop the team and at the same time be a natural part of the team (team-player) with a “hands-on” attitude
  • Structured, organized personality with the ability to follow up and keep deadlines
  • Great communication skills with a desire to always develop the team’s knowledge
  • Humble and trustworthy, always able to be open and honest to their peers
  • Able to take ownership and build trust within the team and Leadership Team
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, wants to push the company towards the right direction
  • Open, honest and transparent
  • Give praise and feedback to colleagues and lift the team to reach the full potential
  • Systematic and solid planning including documentation
  • Be able to set clear goals and requirements

Overall Goals
Short term 6 months:

  • Get to know and build trust with your team: Early on, build trust with your current team and analyze your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Where do we have room for improvement and where are excelling according to you?
  • Get in control of customer feature requests short term: plan and deliver on the outstanding short-term items made to larger customers while prioritizing inflow from our customers with Customer Success
  • Implement a high performing culture: Set clear demands, keep team accountable and create sense of urgency
  • Roll out an upgraded version of our platform: continue to drive the revamp platform project forward and across the finish line with the team during 2023
  • Pay back tech debt: Identify, plan and remove tech debt when possible on current tech stack
  • Take platform to next level: Analyse, plan and present what needs to be done to take platform to the next level
  • Gain ownership and understanding of current internal IT management

Long term 12 months:

  • Secure platform reliability and uptime post new platform release
  • Analyze your team’s output and come up with suggestions on how to build it out to ensure stability and a great team spirit
  • Make sure that the platform is scalable in its use case and functionality to fully contribute to Digiexam’s growth and customer needs
  • Support management team and future product teams to drive innovation forward of the platform to ensure it is differentiated and “best in class” vs competition


We’re looking forward to answer your questions and supply you with more information. Please contact:

Daniel Naseri                       
+46 72 181 14 11



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