“We enable women within Tech, IT & Digital to meet, discuss and make a difference”


We are an exclusive network for women within Tech, IT and Digital.

We believe that vision, competence and hard work should be key success factors. Through WTEQ, we initiate interesting and inspiring meetings that will give an extra push to your professional development.

WTEQ was founded from a market need. Having a solid background as recruiters within the Tech field, we have experienced that the industry is in need for more diverse competence. Through the WTEQ network we enable our members visibility towards recruiting firms and organizations within the industry.



 “You cannot exclude 50% if you want to find real talent”
Eva Swartz Grimaldi

The Tech industry is homogenous and our mission is to contribute with a greater openness. We want to act as a frontrunner and a guiding star towards the increase of diversity and inclusion. Companies should be able to see potential in the whole population and recruit candidates based on qualifications, not on gender.

WTEQ Event


Our events make a difference. By providing a field for some of the most powerful profiles and upcoming stars within the industry to meet, network and excel together, we hope to come one step closer towards an inclusive and equal recruitment.

The goal of our events is to create a debate and a dialogue, whilst still building knowledge.

A selection of previous / upcoming events…

AW: WTEQ Meet & Greet


18/11 -2021

An afterwork for WTEQ members to get to know each other. Speaker Lydia Graflund, Co-founder & CEO of EsterCare and Podcaster at Gynpodden.

WTEQ Walk & Talk


13/10 -2021

A walk around Djurgården followed up by a lunch at Strandvägen 5.



Joint Webinar with Ideon


27/1 -2021




WTEQ Webinar


24/3 -2021

“The Future of Saving” with She Invest & SAVR



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Together, we can make a change. In society today, women need to get better at endorsing each other. To become a member of the WTEQ society, the model therefore revolves around recommending candidates. Our members all have different backgrounds within tech and IT, and inclusion is a key aspect.

Recommend someone from your own community to WTEQ!

Get inspired!

WTEQ Inspirers

WTEQ was founded by Anna Forsberg and Rebecca Uhrfeldt who works at the recruitment firm Dmatch, specialized in Tech.

Prior to the launch the founders met inspiring people who gave invaluable input. Without them, WTEQ would not have turned out the same and they would like to say a big thank you!


Speaker at Warris.se, previously Teknikkvinnor

Women Leadership Hub

AMF previously SvD

Women’s Career Network and Advokatfirman Cederquist

Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education
Board Professional

W.Empowerment och Vinnova