WTEQ – Award

By examining the Tech-sector, the fact that the industry has a long way to go in terms of inclusion and gender equality issues appear obvious. Hence, for the first time in history, we are now initiating the WTEQ-Award. The WTEQ-Award aims to highlight good examples/role models that can inspire others and thus improve both inclusion and gender equality in the Tech-industry. All finalists and finally the winner itself will be chosen by the eminient jury of ours; Nora Bavey, Fredrik Blomquist, Alex Warris and Annie Lindmark. Below, you find a list of criterias that the nominee needs to fulfill.


  • Able to prove innovative thinking and a strong will to inspire others in the process of creating an improved inclusion and gender equality work
  • Having set up/actively working towards measurable goals for improved inclusion and gender equality
  • In recent years, the company/or person has taken a clear action that have contributed to an increased inclusion and gender equality in the organization they work in. (An action like this could for instance be significant recruitments or certain promotions/campaigns in favor of equality/inclusion)

The WTEQ-Award is being handed out at the Recruitment Awards arranged by Branschen.se. 

Nomination closed.



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