CTEK was founded in 1997 in Vikmanshyttan and has since then been a fast-growing company where innovation is key. Today they are the global leader in battery care and power management solutions, selling over a million chargers every year in over 70 countries. CTEK was the first in the world to introduce the “smart way” to charge a battery. It is based on communication between the charger and the battery. Prestige and luxury car manufactures understood this right away and good relationships were created. Now the innovation and product are available to everyday drivers and are among others used by car manufacturers – such as Audi, BMW, Ferrari and Lamborghini.


CTEK is now looking for an experienced and committed CTO to join the group level team. You will lead the R&D department and ensure the smooth functioning of daily operations. Your primary responsibilities will include driving and guiding the development team by establishing clear roadmaps, organizing and planning, and prioritizing development projects. You will play a critical role in selecting and prioritizing projects that align with CTEK’s future goals, especially in the area of software development.

Experience & Competence

  • Experience from modern product development and agile ways of working
  • Experience from software development organizations, ideally with connected products
  • Solid understanding of B2B / B2C and a business acumen
  • Proven track record from creating structure and roadmaps that have been executed successfully and the ability to prioritize accordingly
  • Strong capability and understanding of product development
  • Combination of commercial and technical competence
  • Experience from mid-size/large companies
  • Experience working in international/multicultural work environments
  • Excellent English communication skills

Personality & Leadership

  • Modern leader – picks up and follows trends, able to see the organization as one, and work to improve collaboration and efficiency
  • Coaching leadership skills, passionate about developing employees, acting through teams – drive and enjoy teamwork
  • Agile ambassador including changes in the external environment / dynamic changes
  • Ability to prioritize, make decisions and follow-up
  • Goal oriented – able to be focused on delivery at high pressure and challenging time frames
  • Structured, systematic with execution orientation
  • Value based argumentation skills
  • Hands on person that functions well with various departments in the organization and hierarchies
  • Ability to handle both the roles of requirement VS delivery as well as be able to say no with integrity and value argumentation
  • Ability to inspire and represent the whole organization
  • Flexible mindset but structured. Must be able to have a transparent dialogue with Division Managers when obstacles occur.
  • Trust – Believes in trust and acts like a role model. Sets clear expectations and follows up
  • Passion – Builds strong teams and involves and highlights others
  • Innovation – Curious and listens to different opinions and encourages others to speak up, Encourages different ways of doing things

Areas of Responsibility

  • As CTEK’s CTO be responsible for all Research and Development activities in CTEK
  • Motivate, lead and coach a high-performing global team
  • Represent and drive the product development organizations challenges and needs in the executive management team
  • Build and develop the organization, including external partners to improve product development processes and needed to secure world class product development in selected areas, achieve company goals with world-class products
  • With a forward-looking and innovative Research team, keep track of present and future trends, to secure that CTEK will continue its global Tech-leadership in the long-term
  • Collaborate with other Executive Management Team members to align, spread efficient communication to increase performance and engagement across the organization
  • Educate and create a shared understanding of product development and the benefits versus project development in the executive management team
  • Ensure CTEK has a shared goal and vision between the sales divisions and the development organization
  • Give a fair view of the risks and opportunities with the sales strategies and goals and how they impact the product development roadmaps

Goals of the Role


0-12 Months

  • Improve focus and efficiency in the Product development organization by developing the staff and ways of working as well as streamlining product maintenance
  • Guide the executive management team in the decision-making, strategies and need of life-cycle view of the decisions for product development
  • Make sure CTEK has long-term roadmaps, capacity planning, budgets, and strategies for product development
  • Together with the organization and colleagues in EMT create a competitive product development roadmap for the next 3-5 years that supports the overall CTEK strategy
  • Ensure CTEK implements platforms that meet customer requirements as well as sets the foundation for future profitability and adaptability
  • Support and assist the business discussions and decisions with a product development view such as limitations of the products, product standards and market regulations

12-36 Months

  • Establish the mentality of value flow, ownership/belonging and customer/product centricity in all parts of the company
  • Further integrate the development sites with each other (Vikmanshyttan – Norrköping)
  • Increase the development efficiency by introducing a modular product structure
  • Implement metrics based on flow, profit center and business results
  • Develop business models together with the business area managers to increase CTEK’s software and service revenues

36-48 Months

  • Contribute to CTEK becoming a leading technology business company with a competitive edge within the premium segment of energy management solutions
  • Ensure CTEK has fully transformed into a branch leader that thrives within today’s rapidly changing markets and requirements within the age of software
  • Contribute to CTEK becoming a leading employer in Sweden and the world. CTEK shall be leading in employee happiness and attracting talented individuals with a solid worldwide employer branding 

Location: Ideally Stockholm and preferably close to Norrköping or Vikmanshyttan (see below regarding office time)

Office Time: Should be able to work remotely and is expected to be present at CTEK development sites Norrköping and Vikmanshyttan about 60% of working time (and more at start)

Travel: International business travel approx. 10-15%

Reporting to: CEO


We’re looking forward to answer your questions and supply you with more information. Please contact:

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