Head of People – Digiexam

Digiexam is a Swedish SaaS and EdTech innovator company, founded in 2011. The company offers an exam platform that schools, universities and educators utilises to create, schedule, distribute, grade and publish high-stakes exams and academic tests. The idea originates from the time when the two founders were studying at the Stockholm School of Economics, taking exams with pen and paper. Back then, no school or university carried out exams digitally and that was the starting point for their innovative new product. With the student perspective as background and with a huge market potential, a successful EdTech company took form.

Today, Digiexam is a continuously growing exam platform that proudly helps and supports over +400 leading universities, schools, and institutions to do high-stakes testing and exams, on-campus and remote. Since start, over 9 million exams have been handed in from more than 1,000 educational institutions worldwide. Together with their customers they are shaping the future of learning and exams with the joint objective of enhancing student success, operational efficiency and academic excellence.

As Head of People for Digiexam, you will have the main responsibility in recruiting new talent and driving the employer branding. Other tasks include performance reviews, defining the onboarding process and continuous development of the company culture.

Experience & Competence

  • Experience from recruitment, talent acquisition/candidate sourcing, onboarding and follow-up and culture
    building and setting structure (events, behaviors, etc.)
  • Broad HR experience but with a focus on recruitment/talent acquisition and culture development – other
    areas are a merit
  • Ability to work with values and implement them continuously throughout the organization
  •  Ability to set processes (e.g. onboarding) and strategies for developing and retaining employees as well as
    taking full ownership in maintaining and improving these frequently
  • Could come from both larger and smaller companies 
  • Ideally coming from tech companies with merit of experience in tech recruitments (e.g. developers)

Personality & Leadership

  • Solution oriented and be able to act in an environment with limited resources
  • Self-going and humble 
  • Positive and be able to lift and contribute to culture
  • Leadership: self going, solution oriented, people person
  • Ability to handle tough discussions yet be a clear “people person”
  • Be able to handle straight communication (e.g. in the leadership team)

Overall Goals
Short term 0-12 months:

  • Own -> set/plan -> implement -> iterate -> a plan for the onboarding of future hires to make sure that they
    are introduced properly to the company, the mission, vision and values as well as following up the colleagues
    process on a regular basis
  • Own -> set/plan -> implement -> iterate -> a strategy and plan for recruitment and actively recruit for relevant roles
  • Own -> set/plan -> implement -> iterate -> processes for development discussions and performance reviews
  • Own -> set/plan -> implement -> iterate -> a structure for culture and events that develop the culture
  • Own -> set/plan -> implement -> iterate -> a situational analysis of the organization and understand gaps and
    define initiatives

Long term 12-36 months:

  • Drive employer branding of Digiexam
  • Define and execute a solid structure for HR
  • Contribute to a well-functioning leadership team
  • Solid process and structure to support the growth of Digiexam
  • Secure resources over time including resources outside of Sweden
  • Define KPI’s and measures continuously
  • Define strategically important roles over time (e.g. USA)


We’re looking forward to answer your questions and supply you with more information. Please contact:

Felix Sjörborg                                             Alma Pedersen
felix.sjoborg@dmatch.se                        alma.pedersen@dmatch.se
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