New Business Lead – Echo State 

Echo State is a fast-growing tech company with a focus on decision technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Engineering and has a clear goal of being the leading player in Europe. The company operates in many different industries and a selection of customers are iZettle, Atlas Copco, Vattenfall, Skandia, Green Cargo, Ellevio, Länsförsäkringar, iponly and many more.

Echo State is now looking for a self-motivated and driven New Business Lead who has a good technical understanding with a desire to constantly learn more. You must have a problem-solving ability with the habit of leading the work forward and thinking outside the box, as well as an interest in business and fast-growing companies where you are driven by being part of an exciting expansion journey.

Experience & Competence

  • Good experience in customer processing, delivery and project management,
  • Deep interest in technology and good technical understanding in programming/development,
  • Experience of informal leadership in team management,
  • Have the potential to move within different areas of expertise and also have the ability to grow Echo State internally,
  • Interest in fast-growing companies and corporate governance with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Personality & Leadership

  • Understand technology/technical basic understanding with a willingness to constantly learn more. A
    problem-solving ability with the habit of driving work forward and thinking outside the box,
  • Business-oriented person who knows/understands technology,
  • Good balance between strategic orientation and pragmatic drive,
  • Good social and communication skills, both internally and externally.


Overall Goals


  • Build trust within the organization and adopt clear leadership,
  • Actively work on customer processing and the creation of new customer relationships,
  • Work actively with sales and assist in the recruitment of new consultants,
  • Contribute to increased turnover by establishing new areas where full ownership will be acquired.


We’re looking forward to answer your questions and supply you with more information. Please contact:

Felix Sjöborg
+46 73 158 36 67
Isabella Biederbeck
+46 78 74 14 42



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